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By Alfred Heubeck, Stephanie West, J. B. Hainsworth

This 1st e-book of a observation compiled by means of a global crew of students comprises an advent discussing past examine at the Odyssey, its relation to the Iliad, the epic dialect, and the transmission of the textual content.

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8); cf. poSoTrrj^vs, used as a normal decorative epithet o f goddesses and wom en (Hes. Th. 246, 251, fr. sixty four. thirteen, Sapph. fifty three, fifty eight. 19). it is often taken as bearing on a trend o f rays like a variety hand, yet, as M. L. West issues out on Hes. Op. 610, it m ight additionally describe a unmarried sliver o f crimson mild on the horizon (cf. Ale. 346. 1 So. ktv Xos a^tpa). y j . = iv 308-10, cf. xx 125-6. avTijv: ‘to examine, in presence’; see extra LfgrE. - . Cf. II. ii 50-2, 442-4. T h e scholia, reflecting the perspectives o f Aristarchus, detect that the strains are inoffensive the following, yet extra acceptable within the Iliad (ov&ev fj. ev avTnrparTovow ot gtl\(h npos tt)v irapovaav vtt60€oiv, otKCioTtpot n&XAov flotv iv 'IXiaSt). T h e poet was once now not rather drawn to the main points o f summoning the meeting; he used to be content material to take advantage of a ready-m ade description, might be certainly relating to this type o f crossreference to the Iliad as fascinating, and neglected the sensible problems o f convening any such assembly at brief observe. dyop^vSe: the meeting is obviously alleged to be held in a standard position, with distinct seats for the elders (14). nine. O n formulae consisting o f a couple o f nearly synonymous expressions see above, i 169 n. 10. iraXd(ir) ... iryxos: cf. i 104 and n. 11-13. Cf. xvii 62—4. kuvcs iroSas apyoi: the following, and at xvii sixty three, there's a well-supported version Svw kvvcs apyol; it really is demanding to choose from them. apyos has meanings, ‘fast’ and ‘white, shining’; the previous turns out extra applicable the following, the anim al’s velocity being extra im portant than its color; see additional LfgrE. canine are utilized in Hom er for looking (e. g. xvii 291 f f , II. xi 325), for herding and for guarding estate (e. g. xvii two hundred, II. xviii 578); prosperous males m ay retain them as pets (xvii 309-10, II. xxii sixty nine, xxiii 173). Cf. Verg. A . viii 461 ‘necnon et gemini custodes limine ab alto | praecedunt gressumque canes com itantur erilem ’. ia . A thena equally complements Odysseus’ visual appeal whilst it really is fairly vital that he should still make a superb influence: cf. vi 229 ff. , viii 18 f f , xvi 172 ff. , xxiii 156 ff. So too within the Iliad she endows Diomedes (v 4-5) and Achilles (xviii 206) with a fiery splendour sooner than an important visual appeal. This divine intervention signals us to the serious nature o f w hat is instantly to persist with. 6caros; yet in Homer its targeted importance has light, and it purely potential ‘divine’ . See extra Frisk, G E W , Chantraine, Dictionnaire. kgltcxcucv: for the m etaphorical use o f this verb cf. xiv 38, II. ii 670. 8ti«Gvto : ‘gazed in ask yourself at’ ; at the connotations o f and similar verbs see H . J . M ette, ‘ “ Schauen” u. “ Staunen” ’, Glotta xxxix (1961), ff- sixty eight forty nine 129 COMMENTARY 14. For the elders’ distinctive seats cf. II. xviii 503 f. 01 Se yepovrts \ -qar’ i nl IforoiCTi \l6ots Upw iv i kvk Xw , Od. viii 6. obviously the elders should not unavoidably outdated, on the grounds that no objection is made to Telem achus sitting between them in his father’s position.

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