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By Simon Hornblower

This is often the second one quantity of a three-volume ancient and literary statement of the 8 books of Thucydides, the nice fifth-century BC historian of the Peloponnesian conflict among Athens and Sparta. Books iv-v.24 conceal the years 425-421 BC and include the Pylos-Spakteria narrative, the Delion crusade, and Brasidas' operations within the north of Greece. This quantity ends with the Peace of Nikias and the alliance among Athens and Sparta. a brand new function of this quantity is the whole thematic creation which discusses such issues as Thucydides and Herodotus, Thucydide's presentation of Brasidas, Thucydides and kinship, speech-direct and indirect-in iv-v.24, Thucydides and epigraphy (including own names), iv-v.24 as a piece of paintings: cutting edge or simply incomplete? Thucydides meant his paintings to be "an eternal Possession" and the continued value of his paintings is undisputed. Simon Hornblower's statement, through translating each passage of Greek commented on for the 1st time, permits readers with very little Greek to understand the aspect of Thucydides' concept and subject-matter. a whole index on the finish of the amount.

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Ridley's worthwhile record provides 23 cases within the complete paintings (including repetitions like Galepsos, that is two times acknowledged to be a Thasian colony (iv. ' ° 7 - three; - 6- *)» >d Stagiros, that's two times stated to be an Andrian one (iv. 88. 2; v. 6. 1). of those at the least 15 come from iv-v. 24. Andrewes, discussing the single case in ebook viii, reviews that Thucydides 'often mentions colonial connections, a few appropriate (e. g. in the course of the entire tale of Corinth, Kerkyra, and Epidamnos), a few no longer (e. g. the Parian beginning of Thasos at iv. 104. 4), and the latter are widespread adequate to teach that he came upon the problem attention-grabbing in itself, which squares with the perspective proven in vii. 57'. this can be sound remark in itself: I recommend that one hundred seventy five v ar 176 "* G. I - Cawkwcll, Thucydides' Judgment of Periclean Strategy'. YCS 24 (1975), 53-7°. five n. 10; see my comm on iii. five. a. R. T. Ridley, 'Exegesis and viewers in Thucydides". Hermes, 109 (1981). 25-46. at 39-40. utilizing the record to turn out Thucydides' curiosity in colonisation'. be aware that the record doesn't contain passages of the viii. a hundred. three sort, i. e these expressed through a formulation of the κατά τό ζνγγ**4κ style, the place 'in advantage of kinship presupposes yet doesn't baldly nation that neighborhood χ used to be an apoiknt or colony of neighborhood y. The remark is to be present in Andrcwcs's n. on viii. sixty two. 1, however the dialogue is of the '(lagging* at viii. sixty one. 1 of Abydos as a Milesian colony. 6 1 m seventy four Thucydidesandξυγγένεια (kinship) there's a hierarchy of the proper Thucydidean passages. on the best are these the place he mentions a colonial or kinship issue and insists explicitly on its relevance (e. g. the passages which use κατά το ξυγγενές, Ίη advantage of kinship', or the account of Perdikkas' factors at v. 80); a bit lower than that point is the entire observe of the i. 107. 2 style, the place we're instructed that Doris was once 'the city of the Spartans' and we're definitely intended to mirror at the implications of this; subsequent, there are passages the place the colonial connection isn't really explicitly pointed out yet is definitely taken without any consideration, for example the borrowing, through the Syracusans from the Corinthians, of a technical development in trireme building, vii. 36. 2, cp. 34 (with this we may well distinction vi. 88. 7 the place the Corinth/ Syracuse kinship element is made specific, cp. above, 70); close to the ground finish are the notes, with no noticeable importance, of the sort pointed out via Andrewes (Parian foundation of Thasos, iv. 104), yet those can occasionally be promoted to the 'significant' type (Andrewes himself considers no matter if viii. 61-2, on Miletos and Abydos, may need value in its context). additional in the direction of the ground are inconsequential repetitions of fabric already given (Stagiros; Galepsos). furthermore and strictly less than even the Paros/Thasos or Stagiros different types are such semiconcealed and as a result now not provable cases as iv. seventy two. 1 (Boiotia and Megara: see above). but when i'm correct approximately iv. seventy two it quite belongs within the center and profitable (because debatable) type of passages whose value is genuine yet isn't insisted on through Thucydides unequivocally; I name it 'semi-concealed' simply because ούκ αλλότριου, 'not overseas' or 'close to home', is a vital sign.

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