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By William J. Slater

From the introduction:
"It is time," wrote Wilamowitz in 1907, "that Nauck's variation of Aristophanes
of Byzantium was once redone," and plenty of occasions during the
last few years i've got had reason to ask yourself on the knowledge and discretion
of these students who grew to become a deaf ear to his injunction. now not least, it is
a humiliating event to aim to persist with after the younger Nauck, whose
erudition and precision must have made it very unlikely for someone to
improve on his version of 1848. in lots of methods this variation isn't really what I,
let on my own Wilamowitz, could have needed. the distinction of Erbse's edition
of the Homeric scholia have made me decrease the Homeric part to little
more than an index locorum with precis, although i've got attempted to make
it important via together with all attainable move references to the lexical works
of Aristophanes. in the course of the remark is short, and cognoscenti will
readily enhance on it; however the literature on a gloss similar to proxenos would
by itself now fill a quantity, and a dialogue of the facts for deer
species in early Greece some distance exceeds the competence of this author. Nonetheless
I have commented on these glosses the place it looked as if it would me that
Aristophanes was once facing a philological challenge recognized to his contemporaries;
and to this finish i've got taken a few care to gather relevant
testimonia, considering i feel that with no such aid historical glosses can
mislead instead of inform.
The glosses and testimonia are given in Latin, grown rusty via years
of instructing classical civilization, however the statement is in English, for the
simple cause that i locate myself not able to speak about a few issues like
fallow-deer with enough readability in Latin. back although i've got made an
honest attempt to procure all pertinent books, the reader may still be aware of that I
have no longer had entry simply to a massive library, in order that i discovered it impossible
to cost all my citations of the D scholia to Homer, which whilst a new
edition is out there needs to at some point be in comparison with Aristophanes.

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2 = 746 M. from the Homeric scholia. On gl. 199 see Hintenlang fifty seven. 200—201: De cap reis vel dammis two hundred. 201 (V p. 112 Ν. ) ξ ό ρ ξ , πρόξ Μ: τάς δορκάδας και ζόρκας και πρόκας καλοϋσΐ' Ael. Ν. Α. 7,47: τάς γε μην δορκάδας και ζόρκας και πρόκας είώθασιν όνομάζειν. two hundred Hsch. ζ 171 (ηλικία έλάφου ή δορκάς); sch. Nie. Th. 142 (αϊγαγροι); cf. Athen. 9,397a, Pfeiffer advert name. fr. 676; N. conferri iubet etiam Hsch. : ϊορκες· των δορκάδων ζφων ενιοι δε ήλικίαν έλάφου et Hsch. s. v. ΐυρκες; etiam Cyr. lex ap. Naoumides, GRBS nine, 286: πόρκας. ελαφος. ύπο Άρκάδων το ταχύ, et Hsch. s. v. πόρκας 201 sch. Nie. Th. 578 (τέκνον της δορκάδος); sch. D in ρ 295: δορκάδων είδος ή έλάφων, cf. Ap. S. 135,20; ν. testt. advert gl. 186. In those glosses we pass over the outline of the younger of the gazelle, and ballot. 5,15 may perhaps defend the final tenor, for after discussing the younger of the hare (cf. gl. 187—90) and sooner than continuing to οβρια (gl. 202) he notes: εφ' ων δ' ουκ 198-205 sixty seven εστίν ϊδιον όνομα, τα τούτων τέκνα καλείται σκυλάκια ή σκύμνια. We additionally leave out any connection with the query no matter if δορκάς used to be an έλαφος. Eustathius meant to house the query (711,45 in marg. ): ει δε και αϊ δορκάδες και αί ζόρκες έλάφου είδη κατά τάς πρόκας άλλοθι ζητητέον; most likely he reserved this dialogue to ρ 295 yet forgot; in a different way we should always recognize extra of Aristophanes' view. From the location of the glosses he essentially exotic ελαφοι δορκάδες/πρόκες and famous (gl. 186) the confusion in terminology; yet he couldn't on a merely lexical foundation make clear the variation among roe deer, gazelles, fallow deer and pink deer. 202—205 B: Alia nomina iuvenilia 202. 203 ABC (V p. 112N. ) ύ σ τ ρ ι ξ ; δ β ρ ι α , ό β ρ ί κ α λ α , δβριχα* Μ: ( . . . ) τα δε νέα τούτων δβρια και όβρίκαλα. Eust. 1625,47 in ι 220: (gl. 179 AB; seq. ) ύστρίχων δε και των τοιούτων δβρια και όβρίκαλα, ων χρήσις και παρ' Αίσχύλω εν Άγαμέμνονι (143), cf. 1395,47 sine nom. auct. Ael. N. A. 7,47: των δε ύστρίχων και των τοιούτων αγρίων τα εκγονα δβρια καλείται' και μέμνηταί γε Ευριπίδης εν Πελιάσι (fr. 616 Ν. 2) του ονόματος και Αισχύλος εν Άγαμέμνονι και Δικτυουλκοϊς (fr. forty eight Ν. 2 = fr. 275,809 L. -J. = 474,809 Μ. ). ballot. 5,15: τα δε πάντων των αγρίων τέκνα όβρίκαλα οί ποιηταί καλοϋσι και δβρια. 202 spectat advert Dictyulc. 809 203 AB aliter Ph. (Eust. 1395,48): οβρια και όβρίκαλα· τα των λεόντων και λύκων σκύμνια. Αισχύλος Δικτυουλκοΐς, cf. Ael. D. o 2, et Herod. 1,357,15 L. 203 B Hsch. None of those phrases take place somewhere else notwithstanding N. cites Hsch. : ομβρος· χοιρίδιον. within the Dictyulci papyrus, younger ΰστριχες are οβριχα now not οβρια; within the Agamemnon the younger of πάντων θηρών are όβρίκαλα. a mix of Ael. and Photius may recommend that during the Peleiades οβρια was once used of the younger of wolves. yet we won't ensure οβρια isn't really a truly early corruption of οβριχα, or vice versa. 204. 205AB (V p. 112N. ) έμβρυα; ψάκαλα, ψακαλούχοι Μ: τα έμβρυα δε τα άρτιγέννητα, και ψάκαλα. sixty eight Aristophanis Byzantii Fragmenta Eust. 1625,48: (gl. 203; seq. ) έμβρυα δε τίνα και άρτιγενή δε ψάκαλα λέγει καλεϊσθαι και όρταλίχους (και ό.

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