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By Jenny Strauss Clay

Relocating clear of the verbal and thematic repetitions that experience ruled Homeric stories and exploiting the insights of cognitive psychology, this hugely cutting edge and obtainable learn specializes in the visible poetics of the Iliad because the narrative is estimated by way of the poet and rendered obvious. It does so via an in depth research of the often-neglected 'Battle Books'. They right here end up a coherently visualized narrative series instead of as a random sequence of combats, and this procedure unearths, for example, the importance of Sarpedon's assault at the Achaean Wall and Patroclus' route to destruction. furthermore, Professor Strauss Clay indicates new methods of drawing close old narratives: not just with one's ear, but additionally with one's eyes. She additional argues that the loci process of mnemonics, often attributed to Simonides, is already absolutely exploited through the Iliad poet to maintain music of his forged of characters and to arrange his narrative.

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