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By Walter Burkert

For the 1st English variation of his unique research, Weisheit und Wissenschaft: Studien zu Pythagoras, Philoloas und Platon, Mr. Burkert has largely revised either textual content and notes, making an allowance for extra literature that has seemed when you consider that 1962.

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Jacoby on 568F4. m Hdt. four. 36. Lycurgus, too, says that Abaris carried the arrow (fr. eighty five Blass = Harpocration s. v. Abaris), as does Aristotle (lam. vice president a hundred and forty; above, n. 127). For either linguistic and fabric purposes, we needs to reject the conjecture, time and again proposed (e. g. M. Mayer, RE X V I357f, Roscher, Lex. I 2837) to alternative s rov ( = rovrov) oi’aroy TTCpUtftepi for expense rov 6’iorov irepttycpe within the textual content o f Herodotus. 162 Heraclides fr. 51c. he's aWpoparrjs in Nicomachus (Por. vice president 29 = lam. vice president 136) and in lam. vice president ninety one. 163 Corssen, RhM 1912, forty seven, Meuli I59f, Dodds, Irr. 161 n. 33 (contra Rohde, Psyche II ninety one n. I = 327 n. 108 Eng. ed. ). 164 Xenophanes D okay 21B20 (Epimenides lived to the age o f 154). Theopompus explicitly mentions the Dictaean cave (FGrHist 115F67-69, Max. Tyr. 10. 1; cf. 37. 1), notwithstanding one may be extra disposed to imagine o f the single on Ida, pointed out through “ Epimenides** (DK 3B24; Rohde, Psyche I 129 n. 1 = 108 n. 24 Eng. ed. ). 166 Od. 19. 178, [PI. ] Minos 319c, PI. Leg. 624b. at the Cretan Zeus, Nilsson I 323ff. one hundred fifty j. Metempsychosis and “ Shamanism ” therefore making himself a brother to Minos— and claimed “ that he were reborn many times’* (noWaKis avapefhtDKevai) ,166 The Cretans known as him vios Kovprjs, therefore bringing him into shut dating with Zeus. 167 A voice speaks to him from heaven;168 and the Cretans sacrifice to him as to a g o d 169 Oracles and theogonic poems have been in circulate, bearing the identify o f Epimenides. a hundred and seventy no doubt a lot used to be attributed to him via later forgers. Plato’s record that Epimenides prophesied the Persian W ar ten years ahead of it happened is defined as which means that at the moment a brand new ebook o f oracles “ by way of Epimenides” seemed. 171 mythical motifs have been extra, too. however, the purification o f Athens from the Cylonian curse within the time o f Solon could be considered as old. 172 there have been “ caves o f Zeus” in Crete, websites o f the initiatory ceremonies o f mystery societies, who're mirrored in delusion as “ Dactyls” or “ Kouretes. ” 178 The initiation o f the KaOaprys by means of snoozing within the cave o f Zeus is understandable from this aspect o f view . It additionally represents loss of life and resurrection, for meanwhile Epimenides used to be considered as lifeless. The lengthy quick, made attainable via the magic meals aXipov, in addition to the tattooing, are also certain up with ritual. 174 yet given those evidence, his being “ reborn repeatedly” and his id with Aeacus aren't inevitably “ simply Pythagorean fabrication. ” a hundred seventy five there's by no means any point out o f a metempsychosis doctrine o f Epimenides, purely the original personality o f the start up. the reason is quite to be present in a 166 D. L. 1. 114; cf. Procl. In Rernp. I I 113. while the Suda, s. v. Epimenides, says ws egioi V fox?! oirooov rjdeXe Kaipov Kai irakiv elojjei ev ra> otufiaTt, the ideal wording isn't any doubt secondary, might be taken over from Aristeas (as Dodds, Irr. 163. 42); however it is not often unique in his case both. 147 Myroriianus ap. D. L. 1. 113, Plut. Solon 12. Cf. the hymn to Zeus from Palaikastro, during which the god is addressed as Meytorc Kovpe Kpoveie (Nilsson I 322f).

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