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By Sophocles, Robert Bagg, James Scully

Award-winningpoet-playwrights Robert Bagg and James Scully presenta gripping new translation of Western literature’s earliest treasures in TheComplete performs of Sophocles. within the culture of Robert Fagles’bestselling translations of The Iliad and The Odyssey, andretaining the textual authenticity of Richmond Lattimore’sAeschylus, Bagg and Scully render Sophocles’ dramasaccessible and interesting for the fashionable reader. scholars new to Athenian drama,readers of classical literature, and an individual wishing to kindle anew theirpassion for Greek tragedy will locate not more alluring front to thesemilestones of global literature than in Bagg andScully’s The entire performs of Sophocles.

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NEOPTOLEMUS. Son of Oetaean sire, I at the least will be on my safeguard henceforth opposed to Ilium and the Atreidae, nor glance on them keep from afar. the place the more severe guy is enhanced than the nice, the place honesty fails and the dastard bears sway—among such males i'm going to by no means make my acquaintances. No, rocky Scyros shall suffice for me henceforth, nor shall I ask a greater domestic. Now to my send! and also you, son of Poeas, farewell, heartily farewell; could the gods carry you out of your disease, while you'll! yet we needs to be going, in order that we might set forth every time the god allows our voyage. PHILOCTETES. Are you beginning now, my son? NEOPTOLEMUS. Aye, prudence bids us watch the elements close to our send instead of from afar. PHILOCTETES. Now through your father and by way of your mom, my son, by means of all that's expensive to you in your house, solemnly I implore you, go away me no longer hence forlorn, helpless amid those miseries during which I reside, like you see and plenty of that you've got heard! Nay, spare a passing idea to me. nice is the ache, I good understand, of this type of freight, but endure with it. To noble minds baseness is hateful and an exceptional deed is excellent. Forsake this activity and your reasonable identify is sullied; practice it, my son, and a wealthy meed of glory can be yours if I go back alive to Oeta’s land. Come, the difficulty doesn't final one complete day; take the time, take and thrust me the place you are going to, in carry, in prow, in stern, at any place I shall least annoy my shipmates. O consent, by means of the nice Zeus of suppliants, my son, be persuaded! I supplicate you on my knees, infirm as i'm, bad wretch and maimed! don't go away me hence desolate, faraway from the stairs of guys! carry me effectively for your own residence, or to Euboea, Chalcodon’s seat; from there it is going to be no lengthy trip for me to Oeta and the Trachinian heights and the fair-flowing Spercheius, that you could be convey me to my cherished sire. i've got lengthy feared that he can have long gone from me. usually have I summoned him by means of those that got here, with imploring prayers that he may himself ship a boat and fetch me domestic. yet both he's useless, otherwise, i guess, my messengers—as was once likely—made small account of my issues and hastened on their homeward voyage. Now, even if, due to the fact that in you i've got stumbled on person who can hold right now my message and myself, do you shop me, do you convey me mercy, seeing how all human future is filled with the terror and the peril that luck will be by way of evil. He who stands away from hassle should still watch out for hazards; and while a guy lives comfortable, then it truly is that he should still glance so much heavily to his lifestyles, lest wreck come on it via stealth. refrain. Have pity, O King; he has advised of a fight with sufferings manifold and grievous; may possibly the like befall no good friend of mine! And if, my prince, you hate the hateful Atreidae, then turning their misdeeds to this man’s achieve i might flow him on your strong speedy send to the house for which he yearns, that so that you flee the simply wrath of Heaven. NEOPTOLEMUS. watch out lest, although now as a spectator you're pliant, but while wearied of his illness through consorting with it you be chanced on now not consistent to those phrases.

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