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M. T. Chrimes assumes the historicity of Lykurgos in her argument on his date in old Sparta (Manchester Univ. Press, 1949) 305-347; see den Boer, op. cit. I04-126. The so-called Olympic discus on which the names of Lykurgos and lphitos have been inscribed as founders of the Olympic truce in addition to the foundations of the video games is a vulnerable aid for an historic Lykurgos who will be a latest of Iphitos round 776; Iphitos is himself a shadowy determine. For the discus see Aristotle frag. 533 Rose ap. Plut. Lye. 1; Phlegon 0/. 1. four; Paus. five. 20. 1. The discus doesn't live on; we don't comprehend what sort of letters have been inscribed on it; and as a minimum it will possibly no longer were inscribed in 776 or thereabouts-there used to be no writing then-and not really sooner than seven hundred on the earliest. The names of Lykurgos and lphitos have been inscribed at the discus (perhaps later than the foundations) to aid the culture that they have been the founders. back we may well sec the lawgiver god: he devised the Olympic legislation in addition to Sparta's. His son was once Eukosmos, in response to Paus. three. sixteen. 6. ; i. e. , the ged was once father of the structure. I sixteen TRANSMISSION AND ATTRIBUTION OF NARRATIVE ORACLES The hexameter oracle itself issues to Lykurgos' divine personality within the 3rd and fourth verses. In Herodotos' tale, once Lykurgos entered the megaron of the temple, and earlier than he may perhaps ask his query, the Pythia greeted him with Q7. The spontaneous reaction is attribute of mythical oracles. As L41 starts with the assertion that Hesiod, pricey to the Muses, is coming into Apollo's temple, Q7 starts with an tackle to Lykurgos within the moment individual: "Lykurgos, pricey to Zeus and all of the Olympians, you could have come to my wealthy temple. " in addition to this greeting the verse reaction has not more to precise than the god's uncertainty even if to handle Lykurgos as god or guy. there is not any message, if the 4 verses that Herodotos charges are the full reaction. it can be that its loss of message triggered somebody so as to add the 2 hexameters that Diodoros prices; yet they quantity to not more than an announcement that Apollo will supply Sparta the best structure of any city's. In Diodoros' account Lykurgos bought Q9 as his constitutional reaction in a separate session; and that's oflittle use to a would-be lawgiver, who's in basic terms instructed to steer his humans at the street that leads via braveness and harmony to the home of freedom, and to prevent the line that leads via strife and spoil to the home of slavery-after that Lykurgos may well good visit Crete to discover the legislation that he wanted (see Herodotos 1. sixty five. 4). Kypselos (Qs9-61) In Herodotos' account (5. ninety two) of the assembly of the Peloponnesian states to listen to Sparta's notion that the Peisistratids be restored to Athens, the Corinthian Sosikles spoke opposed to recovery. In his speech he stated the origins of the Kypselid dynasty at Corinth, quoting Q59-61 as a part of the tale. The speech is fictitious and the narrative mingles Corinthian legend with background. three 2 1t is the resource of all later notices of the Kypselos legend and of the oracles quoted in it, other than it appears that of Nicolaus of Damascus, who has information no longer pointed out in Herodotos' tale and maybe drawn from Hellanikos or Androtion.

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