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In e-book IV of Virgil's "Aeneid", some of the most studied books of that epic poem, Dido, queen of Carthage, is infected via love for Aeneas. The goddesses Juno and Venus plot to unite them, and their 'marriage' is consummated in a cave in the course of a hunt. notwithstanding, Jupiter sends Mercury to remind Aeneas of his responsibility, and the hero departs regardless of Dido's passionate pleas. on the finish of the e-book, Dido commits suicide.

This vintage variation of the Latin textual content of ebook IV replaces the long-serving version via Gould and Whiteley, making this booklet extra obtainable to modern-day scholars and taking account of the latest scholarship and demanding methods to Virgil. It encompasses a giant creation, annotation to give an explanation for language and content material, and a accomplished vocabulary.

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O! obiciō -ere -iēcī -iectum positioned x (acc. ) within the approach of y (dat. ) obitus -ūs m. dying oblīviscor -ī oblītus sum + gen. overlook obmūtēscō -ere obmūtuī fall silent obnītor -ī -nixus sum make the effort (332) oborior -īrī -ortus sum upward push (30, be aware) obscēnus -a -um adj. disgusting obscūrus -a -um adj. dim obstō, -stāre obstitī + dat. prevent, stand within the manner of obstruō -ere block occupō -āre take over, take ownership of ōcius comparative adv. with all velocity oculus -ī m. eye ōdī ōdisse hate odium -ī n. hatred odōrus -a -um adj. keen-scented provideō offerre obtulī current, provide ōlim adv. it slow (past or destiny) ollī (105) see ille ōmen ōminis n. omen omnīnō adv. altogether omnipotēns -entis adj. omnipotent omnis -e adj. all, each onerō -āre burden opācus -a -um adj. darkish operiō -īre hide opēs -um f. pl. wealth optimus -a -um adj. , superlative of bonus chooseō -āre -āvī -ātum select, want, lengthy opus -eris n. paintings, development ōra -ae f. shore orbis -is m. circle, the realm orgia -ōrum n. pl. mystery rituals ornus -ī ash-tree ōrō -āre ōrāvī pray, beg (for) ortus -ūs m. emerging ōs ōris n. face, expression, mouth os ossis n. bone ostendō -ere exhibit, show ostentō -āre reveal ostrum -ī n. purple-dyed textile ōtium -ī n. rest, idleness ovō -āre celebrate, triumph pactus -a -um adj. agreed, settled palleō -ēre palluī be faded, flip faded pallidus -a -um adj. light pallor -ōris m. pallor, paleness papāver -is n. poppy(-seed) pār paris adj. equivalent parātus -a -um adj. prepared, ready parēns -entis m. & f. mum or dad pāreō -ēre pāruī + dat. obey pariter adv. both parō -āre -āvī -ātum organize pars partis f. half, course parvulus -a -um adj. tiny parvus -a -um adj. small passim adv. in all instructions pāstor -ōris m. shepherd patēns -entis open pateō -ēre patuī be open pater patris m. father, patres 682: see notice patera -ae f. dish patior -ī passus sum undergo, enable patria -ae f. fatherland patrius -a -um adj. father’s, paternal paucī -ae -a adj. few paulum adv. little, a bit pāx pācis f. peace, divine favour (56) pectus pectoris n. breast, center pecus pecoris n. herd pecus pecudis f. beast pelagus -ī n. sea penātēs -ium m. family gods, domestic pendeō ēre pependī dangle, wait (88) penetrālis -e adj. (of a home) innermost penna -ae f. wing in step with prep. + acc. via, over; in a prayer by means of (314) peragō -ere accomplish peragrō -āre go through percutiō -ere percussī percussum strike perdō -ere perdidī perditum lose, ruin, break pereō -īre periī perish, be ruined pererrō -āre wander over perferō -ferre suffer to the tip perficiō -ere -fēcī -fectum whole perfidus -a -um adj. treacherous pergō -ere perrēxī move on (ahead) perhibeō -ēre inform, relate perīculum -ī n. hazard periūrium -ī n. deceitfulness, treachery permittō -ere -mīsī -missum surrender pernīx pernīcis adj. nimble perpetuus -a -um adj. non-stop persentiō -īre persēnsī detect, totally recognize pertaedet -taesum est impersonal verb to be completely weary (18) pēs pedis m. foot pestis -is f.

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